2019 Race Schedule


  • Jan 6 - Appalachian
  • Jan 13 - Sugar
  • Jan 27 - Beech
  • Feb 3 - Beech
  • Feb 10 - Sugar
  • Feb 24 - Appalachian - Championship

App Cup Races

  • Jan 16
  • Jan 23
  • Jan 30
  • Feb 6
  • Feb 13
  • Feb 20
  • Feb 27
  • March 6
  • March 10 - Finals

For information about USSA race opportunities check in with Coach Rich or Coach Thea.

Race Photos

Race Results

What to Expect on Race Day

Race Days are fun and exciting time for both athletes and their families. If this is your first season racing, knowing what to expect can help make these days run smoothly…

* There will be a $30 deposit collected for race bibs. The deposit will be returned at the end of the race series or when the bib is returned.

The schedule of events for each race will be emailed to the team during the week leading up to the race and can be found at http://www.hcjrs.org. Race registration information and forms will generally be posted during the week preceding the race. Registration often takes 20 or 30 minutes. Families that aren't rushed will have a better day. Print off the registration and race schedule at home. Fill out this registration at home to save time in the lodge. Please take note of the payment particulars. Each mountain has unique ways to conduct business.

Regardless of the race location several things are the same every race day. Plan to arrive with plenty of time to register and boot up. Be certain to go to the “Race Desk” where racer bibs will be issued, money collected and release forms signed by a parent or guardian. Bibs are issued to each athlete and it is their responsibility to keep up with the bib and return it when instructed. Registration generally closes an hour prior to the start of the race.

Course Inspection

During the designated inspection time coaches will be on the course with the racers making multiple inspections. If you don’t see one of your coaches at the top just wait a few minutes. The athletes should inspect the race course at least once with their coach. At this time no one is allowed to ski the course. Athletes and coaches may “slip” the course. When slipping the course skiers are sliding sideways or in a large wedge. When snow conditions warrant, the Race Director will require that course inspection be done from the side of the course. No one is allowed in the course or to slip the course without the Race Director’s instruction to do so.


Once race time approaches the athletes will be grouped by age group, starting with the youngest (ladies first). Athletes are responsible for reporting to the starting gate. If a racer is late they will have to wait until the end of the division to race. Each racer will ski the course once one time before starting with the youngest age group again for the second run.

There is plenty of time to go back to the base lodge between race runs, just pay attention to the time.

Most races will have results posted on Live Timing. Go to https://livetiming.usskiandsnowboard.org for updated results. Times will also usually be posted at the bottom of the race course or in the lodge.

There isn't a mountain wide PA system at Beech and Sugar, so don't be looking for announcements to let you know where and when to go. It’s up to the individual racers to keep track of the race order and know when to get to the top. It’s better to be early to the start than to have the anxiety that comes with being late to the start.

Race Results

The athlete’s best time will be used to determine their standing. Awards will be given for the top three finishers in each age group and division. The time and location of the awards ceremony will be announced at the race. The first 5 racers in each group and division will accumulate points for themselves and their team. These points will determine both individual and team standings at the Championship Race. The unofficial race results will be posted at the race finish or at the lodge. The final results will be posted on the HCJRS website and emailed to the team.

Bad Weather

Generally races are held regardless of weather. If the mountain is open we will usually have the race. If there is any change to the schedule we will email the team as soon as we know. If you don’t have email access and are worried about the weather or have any other need please don’t hesitate to call one of the coaches.

Mountain Specific Tips

Appalachian Ski Mountain

Race registration will be in either the Snow Cloud Room or in the Dining Room Annex. Races at Appalachian Ski Mountain are often less intimidating for our team’s first time athletes as this is the course they ski most often. This is also the best resort to invite non-skiing family and friends to watch the races (for that matter it is the only place you can see the race course from the ski lodge!) The races at Appalachian are slaloms held on Upper & Lower Appal.

Sugar Mountain

Registration is on the top floor of the lodge. Skiers typically leave their skis in the racks on the snow or against the deck rail. Skis and poles are not allowed in the upper floors of the lodge.

Sugar Mountain participates in Nastar - http://www.nastar.com. Nastar allows your time to be compared nationwide on a handicap system. Nastar compiles rankings by state and for the country. For kids racing in the junior race you can pay a little bit more and your time will be used as a Nastar race. If adults wish to participate, we'll run the same race course later in the day.

The top floor of the lodge will be taken over by the visiting teams and their families. Everyone changes into ski boots and leaves their bags there. Sugar races are typically on Oma's Meadow. The race course is about 1/3 longer than the course at Appalachian but not as steep. It's a very friendly course for new racers. To get to Oma's Meadow: Take the chair to the left of the lodge. This chair takes you to the top of Birch. Don't ski down Birch, but take the short connector to the base of the Oma's Meadow chair.

Beech Mountain

Registration takes place in the View Haus Restaurant. The View Haus will be open to the public but is where the visiting teams change into boots and store their gear.

HCJRS races are typically on Robin’s Run at Beech. From the View Haus skate across the bottom of two beginner slopes and turn left to get on the Quad chairlift. The Quad serves the top of the mountain only and is usually the only chair servicing Robin’s Run.