Ski Team Wish List

The work of the foundation is about filling in gaps, providing more for the team and seeking out ways to support the team. The following is a wish list of items the volunteers and the board would like for the team. The approximate cost and quantity desired is listed in each item’s description. The PayPal links allow you to designate your gift where you would most like to support the team. Thanks!

Timing Chip

Though a generous grant from the Killngton World Cup the Junior Ski Team at Appalachian was able to purchase a wireless timing system. We've used the system extensively on Tuesday Thursday but only a few time in our Friday Saturday practices. It's great system but we only have enough chips for 30 kids to be using it at a time. Ideally we'd like to have enough chips to issue one to each racer for the season. The chips are $99 each

Coaches Race Day Lift Tickets

When we visit another mountain for a race, the host mountain gives the visiting team two lift tickets for their coaches. Two coaches seems inadequate to us with so many kids. It would be great if our race day coaches didn’t have to pay for their own lift ticket before volunteering to spend the day with our kids. Two extra coaches at four away races makes for eight lift tickets the coaches are buying. Coach lift tickets are $32 each.


Skiing is costly. We recognize that fact. Part of the mission of the foundation is to provide scholarship to those in need. There are kids we know and kids whom we don’t know yet whose family struggle to divert the necessary funds for their kids to ski race. This year we have provided scholarships through the generosity of French Swiss and Appalachian. We would like for the foundation to be able to add to and expand those efforts in the future. Any amount given is needed and appreciated.

General Fund

Money donated to our general fund goes to support the business end of the volunteer non-profit, pay for the little things and help underwrite the cost of some big things. Some are mundane things like paying for hosting of the websites or accounting. The more glamorous things on which we plan to spend money again include organizing day long training opportunities.